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Preston and Kristin use holistic methods to introduce Jesus Christ to individuals, communities and at-risk children in group homes in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Their goal is to use Christ’s transforming power to alleviate poverty and fight human trafficking.

Preston works to break the cycle of poverty through sustainable projects such as aquaponics, natural pig farming and new chicken coops. This enables him to teach in the villages and share the gospel. He also disciples Thai Christian leaders who are eager to share Christ, combat poverty and fight trafficking in their own communities.

Kristin teaches English at the girls'juvenile detention center. (The starting salary at any job in Thailand doubles if the applicant can speak English.) Most of the girls are incarcerated for trafficking drugs or human trafficking. As she teaches, Kristin builds relationships with the girls, shares the love of Christ, prays with them over personal hardships, facilitates future planning for when the girls are released and mentors and disciples them.