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Isabel is preparing to serve with the Marketplace team in Mexico City. After working in student ministry for a year and a half, Isabel had the opportunity to visit Mexico City. She saw firsthand what the team is doing to fight poverty by empowering local business leaders with professional business training as well as personal discipleship. In this way, they are equipping people who have some of the greatest influence over their local communities, employees, and families- entrepreneurs- with the passion and tools to live like Jesus and multiply his blessings to those around them.

After graduating with a business degree from Georgia Tech, with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Spanish, Isabel stepped into the world of student ministry. In Viña del Mar, Chile with Globalscope and on Georgia Tech's campus with CCF, she learned deeply about community development, personal mentorship and the power of real Christian community to heal, inspire, and change lives. Visiting Marketplace, she found that the work in Mexico City is the perfect marriage of her degree, her own interest in entrepreneurship, and her desire to continue to serve God through the power of community-based ministry.

There is so much entrepreneurial spirit in Mexico City, so much need for flourishing businesses run with integrity and sound principles, and so much need for restorative, authentic, and Christ-filled community in entrepreneurial circles. Isabel is very excited for the opportunity to help build Marketplace Ministries and to see God work in all of those areas!