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Grant and Kaylee began working in a country in West Africa with CMF International in early 2023. Islam is the dominant religion there and can also be seen in many aspects of culture and daily life. The call to prayer is heard throughout the day and Islamic holidays mark transitions throughout the year. Grant and Kaylee’s work is focused on an unreached people group that is less than 1% Christian. Currently they have an intentional focus on learning and using the local language to share the Gospel in people’s heart language. Grant also works with his teammate on a gardening project that aims to build relationships and train families to start small gardens called “Gardens of Faithfulness” to help with food insecurity. Kaylee works alongside teammates and volunteers to reach children and youth through ministries such as children’s health clubs that teach preventative health lessons alongside Bible stories, and girl’s health clubs which highlight God’s love for his creation (his people) through Biblical stories.

Grant and Kaylee are graduates of Wichita State University, where Grant received a degree in Industrial Engineering and Kaylee a degree in International Studies with a focus on Africa and the Middle East. Both completed CMF REACH summer internships that took Grant to West Africa and Kaylee to Ethiopia. Pray that God uses the CMF team in West Africa to reach his people there.

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