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Ken and Anita live in a vibrant city where the call to prayer is heard from multiple neighboring mosques. Islam is not only a religion here, but also a cultural identity. Many of their neighbors are named after prophets but are unaware of the salvation story to which their names allude.

The heart of the Hochs' ministry is chronological Bible storytelling (CBS). Through a network of friendships, the Hochs start CBS groups in Muslim courtyards with families and groups of friends. As they walk through the stories of the prophets, these neighbors can see the character and power of God in Jesus, who is truly mighty to save! The Hochs also integrate Bible storying into a children's health club, which connects Bible stories with health concepts such as malaria prevention, hygiene and malnutrition. Anita also invests in students through English clubs. Ken and Anita pray for transformation for their friends, so that they can have the “Shalom” of Jesus, physically and spiritually.

Ken and Anita arrived on the field in October 2010. They have three children: Natalie, Lydia and Judah.

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