Keith & Kathy Ham


The Hams serve with the CMF team in partnership with Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. The goal of their many activities in the Mathare Valley is to see individual lives and communities transformed for Christ.

The Hams are involved in holistic ministry. MOHI currently uses the education and feeding of 13,000 children as an inroad into all types of ministry to the families of the Mathare Valley, including community development, health education, micro-credit loans, business training, church leadership and staff development. As this is done, small groups are formed to pray and study the Bible and churches develop from these groups. To provide leadership for the churches, they have begun the Urban Ministry Institute.

After 11 years of ministering among Kenya’s nomadic Turkana people, the Hams began their current ministry with the CMF team among the urban poor of Nairobi in 2002, and began working with MOHI in 2004. They have four children: Karisa (1990), Kelsey (1992), Jesse (1994), Jonathan (1997).

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