Teaching ESL in Turkana, Kenya

Teaching ESL in Turkana, Kenya

This project funds the teaching of English as a Second Language to Turkana church leaders. Many adult church leaders never had the opportunity to attend school because there were no schools when they were young. In Kenyan schools, all students learn English and Swahili. Our church leaders must be able to communicate with church leaders in other parts of Kenya; without English, they do not have a common language. Learning English allows them to understand other Kenyan church leaders. This ESL project also helps the Turkana church leaders have the respect they deserve among their young people, many of whom have finished high school and believe they are more qualified to lead the church. The leaders come to class for one full week each month with two months off for breaks. They pay a small fee for attending each class, but they are unable to pay the full amount. Your donation helps to fund their room, board, transportation and class materials.

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