Ben & Hannah Devenney

Ben & Hannah Devenney

Ivory Coast

Ben and Hannah serve with the CMF team in Abengourou, Ivory Coast. They work primarily with the medical ministries at the renowned PIM health and maternity clinic and participate in CHE outreach to the region.

Ben worked as a research scientist at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md., since 2009. His work at the clinic centers on facilitating data collection, research opportunities in HIV, and reaching out to neighboring villages.

Hannah has worked as a nurse in labor and delivery since 2010. She uses her skills to train local nurses and midwives at the maternity clinic.

Ben grew up in North Carolina and Hannah in Maryland. They met at Milligan College and were married in 2008. They are the parents of Judah (2010), Micah (2012), Miriam (2014) and Naomi (2015), who are being home-schooled in Abengourou.

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