Joshua & Ruth Barron

Joshua & Ruth Barron


The Barrons serve with CMF’s Church Catalyst Team in Kenya, working in partnership with CMF-planted churches begun among the Maasai and Turkana people. They help these churches develop and implement culturally appropriate curricula in the local languages, and also train Kenyans in how to do this themselves.

Joshua and Ruth also are heavily involved in work with the Community Christian Bible Training Institute and the Discipleship Training Institute, curriculum development for the Community Christian churches of Kenya, teaching in the fields of discipleship and leadership development, Sunday school teacher training, and classes for Turkana and Maasai elders and pastors. They serve as mentors for church leaders and young couples and lead a discipleship group that meets in their home. They also assist The Bible Society of Kenya with the correction of the Maa Bible translation.

They are the parents of six children: Alitzah (2003), Hannah Gail (2005), Eliana (2007), Zerachiah (2010), Ahaviah (2012) and Shalviah (2015).

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