Ivory Coast Maternity Clinic

Ivory Coast Maternity Clinic

CMF’s Ivory Coast Clinic Ministry cares for more than 2,600 people living with HIV/AIDS. Among these patients, 25 percent are women of child-bearing age. One very important key to eradicating HIV is to prevent the transmission of the virus from mother to child during childbirth. This maternity clinic provides a safe place for both mother and child to be cared for during this crucial time. Offering prenatal care, early childhood vaccinations and a nutrition program provides long-term relationship opportunities for our clinic staff to show the love and compassion of Christ while sharing the story of His love. Gifts received through this campaign will aid in subsidizing the cost of deliveries, prenatal care and vaccinations. It will also provide funds for the clinic to update and maintain equipment, as well as facilitate continuing education for the maternity clinic staff.

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