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Yomelan Emilienne

  • Child ID: 030922
  • Gender: Female
  • Birth Date: 1/1/2010
  • Country: Ivory Coast
  • Community: Ameayakro
  • Family: mother and father
  • School: Public Primary School
  • $38.00 - Monthly
Yomelan Emilienne is a student at Public Primary School in Abengourou, Ivory Coast. She is cared for by her mother and father. Her father is a farmer, and her mother is a housewife. Yomelan Emilienne's favorite subject in school is French. In her free time, she enjoys volleyball. When she grows up, she would like to be a teacher.

Ivory Coast is home to many people groups who began populating the area in the 15th century. Arab traders, Djoula people from northern Africa, the Portuguese, and the French all contributed to Ivory Coast’s history and legacy. Currently, subsistence farming in cocoa, coffee, and palm oil fuel the economy in this often politically unstable country. One in three Ivorians is actually an immigrant from a neighboring country.

Children in CMF’s child sponsorship program in Abengourou are insured the opportunity to attend school. They receive school supplies, uniforms, medical care, and supplemental nutrition when needed. Most importantly, they learn about Jesus through direct teaching and through interaction with Christian mentors who visit their homes.

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