Nick & Amanda Dunn

Nick & Amanda Dunn


Nick and Amanda are preparing to begin a ministry at an international church in Asia. Nick will serve as the church’s first-ever long-term teaching pastor. He will focus on helping the congregation become more evangelistic and be a support to the local and international community through pastoral counseling. Eventually, he hopes to have opportunities to train national pastors who will go back to their communities and spread the gospel across the country. Their area of service is 85% Hindu, 13% Muslim, and less than 2% Buddhist, Christian, or other.

The Dunn family spent the last five years serving in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Nick managed a home-care hospice program, as well as preaching and teaching. Amanda helped open Hareg House, a home that helps women at risk of prostitution. Both projects have been handed over to national partners and will continue to serve the poor and marginalized for years to come.

Nick and Amanda are the parents of three children: Ramiah (2013), Aliza (2015) and Isaiah (2016).

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