Timothy & Tammy Aho

Timothy & Tammy Aho


Timothy and Tammy catalyze the formation of teams to plant churches and make disciples in Birmingham, England. With 25 years of cross-cultural ministry experience in England, the Ahos share in many opportunities for community transformation.

Companions for Hope is a missional community started with another couple in the diverse, inner-city community of Summerfield near the center of Birmingham. Asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants, and life-long residents are among those being engaged with the good news of the Kingdom.

The Ahos lead a training hub called Forge (Midlands) to teach, train and equip leaders in missional principles and practices to make new and more disciples. They have partnered with CMF teammates to establish an immersive, cross-cultural training experience called EQUIP Britain that provides a foundation for global workers who will be able to go on to any location in the world with fundamentals of engaging people with the good news of the Kingdom.

Timothy has served as Church Planting Coordinator with the Fellowship of Churches of Christ the last two years, with Tammy providing administrative support. They have also worked with an Eritrean congregation helping disciple some of their young people, one of a number of ethnic churches which have joined the Fellowship in recent years. The focus is to help catalyze disciple-making and new church plants.

The Ahos are the parents of two children, Andrew and Jess, who were raised in England and now reside in the US.

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