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  • Child ID: 030253
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth Date: 4/14/2010
  • Country: Brazil
  • Community: Campo Novo
  • Family: single mother
  • School: Public Primary School
  • $38.00 - Monthly
Henrique is a student at Public Primary School in Pianco, Brazil. He is cared for by his single mother. His mother is a casual worker. He likes the color red.

The country of Brazil is the world’s fifth largest in both area and population. Piancó is in Brazil’s northeast region, known as the Sertão, or “countryside” in the State of Paraiba. Of the more than three million people living in the Sertão region, only two to three percent is evangelical Christian. A lack of jobs, drug and alcohol abuse, and an underage sex trade demonstrate the need for ministry.

CMF missionaries partner with local pastors to train and empower church members who, in turn, empower people in the community to address these pressing issues, along with issues of nutrition, poor sanitation, family violence, lack of discipline. As a result, God is transforming the Sertão.

The CMF Child Sponsorship focus in Piancó is on the children living in the New Field (Campo Novo) section of the city, previously the location of the city dump. CMF partners closed the dump and employed the poor who had scavenged the dump in a sanitary landfill.

However, the families in this area still struggle. They have not learned about good nutrition, godly family relationships and parenting skills. Children lack discipline and there is a lot of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

To combat these endemic problems, the church in Piancó feeds the children in the after-school “Agape” program a nutritious meal five days per week. They help the children learn discipline by tutoring and disciplining them three afternoons per week. They are encouraging healthy family relationships by meeting twice per week with parents from the New Field community and by doing home visits.

This holistic ministry, along with the local church, is resulting in discipleship of children, families, healthier family relationships, baptisms, and new house churches.

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