Patrick & Katie Gerber

Patrick & Katie Gerber


Patrick and Katie work with the CMF team in the slums of Nairobi and in rural poor communities around Kenya. Patrick helps lead Missions of Hope International’s (MOHI) rollout of school computer labs so students can gain valuable technology skills. He also empowers MOHI staff through technology training. Katie helps develop discipleship curriculum and programs for MOHI students and staff and coordinates dozens of VBS programs put on by visitors. She also helps Kenyan churches develop children's ministries through Sunday School curriculum and teacher trainings.

Patrick and Katie first visited Nairobi in 2002 while Patrick was working for CMF and made return trips to partner with MOHI. Patrick comes with 16 years in ministry leading technology adoption and communications in churches and in missions support. Katie has 15 years of experience leading various aspects of children’s ministry, from writing creative Bible curriculum to event planning to volunteer training.

The Gerbers are the proud parents of Hannah (2005). She is thriving at a nearby Christian International school with classmates from all over the world. She loves reading and being involved in school plays.

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