Joel and Mercy Brock

Joel and Mercy Brock


Joel and Mercy are members of the CMF team working with Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Kenya.

Joel graduated from Northwest Christian University with a degree in music industry. He serves by implementing music, art and drama programs throughout the MOHI schools. He also works as a teacher and mentor to high school students who are interested in careers in music and the arts.

Mercy was born in Kenya and traveled extensively as a child and adult with The African Children’s Choir. She has a degree in hospitality and plans to use her skills working with U.S. short-term teams that visit MOHI. She will also work alongside her husband in the MOHI music and arts programs.

Joel and Mercy were married in 2018. They are eager to combine their extensive experience in music, the arts, and working with children and youth to make significant contributions to the ministry of Missions of Hope.

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