Mark Firestone

Mark Firestone


Mark serves in Kenya with the Nairobi Urban Poor team, using his knowledge and skills to utilize available resources to their fullest and improve processes in the field. His work is geared toward reaching more children and families, showing them the love and hope found in Jesus Christ.

A short-term trip to the Mathare Valley slums in early 2012 was the start of a journey that ultimately led Mark to long-term service there. After experiencing the extreme poverty in the slums, he returned to the US knowing that he needed to help. In the fall of 2012 Mark began serving with the Child Sponsorship Team in the CMF home office, working to create some structure, add capacity, and build a strong team with the goal of positioning the program for future growth. Ultimately, God had an even greater call on his life, and Mark returned to Kenya for long-term service in June 2015.

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