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CMF missionaries were convicted in 2005 of the severity of health issues related to unclean water and inadequate food supplies among the Turkana in Kenya. Parents expected half of their children to die of water related diseases. The Turkana have historically depended on relief food nine or more months out of the year. To address these issues, CMF missionaries launched a program to provide clean water and irrigated farm development. In 2007, Water for Life and Livelihood was formed to stand alongside CMF to meet these needs. Together, WFLL and CMF launched the Turkana Water and Farm Development project and have been instrumental in reversing these trends and building the Church in Turkana.

There are now more than 320 clean water wells and more than 840 families have access to irrigation to grow crops 365 days a year. Church leaders say people come to faith because they want to know about this “Jesus” who is helping them to have clean water and good food every day.

The goal of the project is to drill 25 new wells every year and provide irrigated farm development for another 100 families each year. Each well costs $2,500. Irrigation for farms and training in Farming God’s Way costs $17,500 (that’s the equivalent of 32 cents per meal over one year or 3.2 cents per meal over 10 years).

Please provide the people in Turkana with irrigation and the opportunity to provide daily sustenance for their families.