As Kenya begins to transition out of its COVID-19 lockdown, the needs in our partnering communities continue to change.

While providing hunger relief to MOHI students and their families will always be an integral part of our COVID-19 response (we’ve delivered more than 25,000 food baskets since April) we are currently also focusing our efforts on re-opening our schools.

Recently, the Government of Kenya declared it will allow schools to re-open in January, provided they meet extensive guidelines to ensure a safe learning environment for students.

These requirements are challenging and costly, but with your help now, we can be ready to re-open our schools in January!

To get students back in the classroom, MOHI must:

Build/rent new classrooms to accommodate government required physical distancing between students.

Purchase additional desks, blackboards, books, and supplies for the new classrooms.

Hire additional teachers.

Provide hygiene stations, PPE, and digital thermometers.

Provide masks and hand sanitizer for more than 20,000 students.

Install additional toilets.

Expand dormitories to meet physical distancing requirements.

Purchase additional mattresses and beds.

And more.

We estimate it will cost MOHI $40 per student (in addition to monthly sponsorships) to upgrade all of our schools to meet the government’s requirements. We have faith that God will provide as He has before, and we’ll be able to get students back in the classroom in January.

We ask that you please prayerfully consider what donation God is calling you to give.

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