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Matt and Denee serve with the Globalscope campus ministry team in Erlangen, Germany.

Both Matt and Denee are graduates of Georgia Tech and were active in the Christian Campus Fellowship (CCF). After completing his degree in mechanical engineering, Matt served as an intern at CCF for nine months, then signed on as a CCF staff member for two more years. Denee was a senior leader at CCF. She was invited on a scouting trip to Germany during her senior year to explore new locations for Globalscope ministries and saw firsthand the need that international college students have for a community that is centered on God’s love.

Working in campus ministry taught Matt and Denee the importance of God and community in their lives. The couple were married in February 2018, and they are excited to be a part of creating a space in Erlangen, Germany, where students can find the same type of community that shows them they are loved by God.