India Relief

The global pandemic has created multiple problems within the country of India. The enormous numbers of the poor, homeless and marginalized cannot protect themselves from the virus, and hunger is becoming an even greater issue.

Asian Partners International, CMF’s partner in India ministry, is working with the government to provide hope and help to the people of this stricken country. We are asking for your help in providing funds to help alleviate the sufferings of 500 families.

Your gifts to this fund will help API distribute these things:
• Packages of sanitary supplies — soap, hand sanitizer and face masks. Each package costs $2.50.
• Food packages — rice, pulses, flour, salt and cooking oil. Each package will feed a family of five for one week for $15.

A donation of $17.50 will help 1 family.
A donation of $87.50 will help 5 families.
A donation of $175.00 will help 10 families.

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CMF incurs higher processing fees for credit/debit card transactions. By giving through EFT from your checking or savings account, a greater portion of your contribution goes directly to the ministry.