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Greg and Eli serve with the Globalscope campus ministry El Oasis in Viña del Mar, offering a Christian community where students can experience Christ’s love in a welcoming way.

The couple were married in March 2015 and work hand-in-hand in the ministry. Greg is the team leader and uses his talents in the areas of service and discipleship to develop significant relationships as an avenue to share Christ’s love and develop leaders. Eli is in charge of the interns and also focuses on leading small groups and spending quality time with young women in the community.

Greg graduated from Manhattan Christian College and fell in love with Chile during an internship at the campus ministry. He’s been a staff member there since 2011. Eli, a Chilean, grew up in a Christian home and participated in El Oasis as a student. After graduating with a degree in social work, she served as an intern at El Oasis, where she saw the confirmation of her passion to serve God in ministry. The couple are parents of a daughter, Lydia (2021).

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