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Although Florencia grew up in a Catholic family, the secular nature of the country of Uruguay meant that her Christian background wasn’t very common. When she was 19 years old, she moved to the capital city of Montevideo to study. There, far from her family and without a support system, it became even more difficult for her to maintain her faith and she began to question what she had been taught growing up and the larger institution of the church.

While in that stage of questions and doubts, a friend of hers invited her to La Ruta, a CMF campus ministry for university students. Her time with the community of students at La Ruta helped her to draw closer again to God and to experience growth in her faith.

Her experience with La Ruta made her want to accompany other students currently in the same path that she experienced, which is why she decided to serve at the Globalscope campus ministry El Pozo in Puebla, Mexico. She will spend one year at El Pozo walking alongside students as they seek to make their faith their own in the same way that she did.