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David will serve as an intern with the Globalscope team in Puebla, Mexico.

He arrived at El Pozo over four years ago, despite all the circumstances. He met an El Pozo intern at his church, and as they built their friendship, she continuously invited him to the ministry. After finally being convinced, even though it was across the city from his university, and even farther from his home, he finally made his way to a Tuesday night En Vivo. Even though he got lost that first night, after finally arriving, he realized El Pozo was an enjoyable place where people wanted to get to know him. He began to attend more frequently, to the point where it became his Tuesday ritual. He began serving more, and has become a reliable barista during the open house coffee hours.

He was raised as a Christian and has been a part of several churches in different places, but El Pozo was his first experience in a Christian community loving like Jesus outside of the church. He has received so much love, friendships, growth that he wants to be a part of giving that back to new students. He sees the reach that God and the ministry has with college students and the lives that the community can touch. Lots of prayer and leaving it up to God has led him to this next step of being an intern.