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As members of the Nairobi Urban Poor team, Chris and Krystal work with Missions of Hope International and use their skills to help transform lives within the slum communities of Mathare Valley.

Krystal uses her skills in social work by assisting with trainings for MOHI social workers and counselors. She also provides debriefing sessions when an unexpected tragedy affects MOHI students and staff. Chris uses his skills in media/communications to empower MOHI staff to share the great work God is doing with local and international audiences. In addition to their daily roles, Chris and Krystal serve and attend Outreach Hope Church Pangani, one of the churches planted by MOHI within Mathare Valley.

Krystal first served in Kenya in 2011 during a six-month internship with MOHI. When Krystal met Chris, they went to Nairobi and experienced serving the urban poor as a couple. After their marriage in 2014, Krystal and Chris joined the team.