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A group of believers gathers on a Sunday under acacia or palm trees or perhaps in a school to pray, worship and listen as God’s Word is shared. A preaching point has been established. A congregation is born. The numbers of believers grow, and the desire for their own church building grows.

These preaching points are outreaches by Community Christian Church (CCC), with whom CMF partners in Kenya. CCC plants an average of 15 churches per year. Presently there are more than 210 congregations spread across Kenya in Turkana, Maasai, Samburu and other areas.

CMF and CCC share the cost ($15,000 average) of a church building. CCC’s share varies between 30-75 percent of the total cost, depending on the size of the building, materials and transport of the materials to the site.

Donations are needed to build more buildings. Here’s how you can contribute to CMF’s share: Building, $7,000; roof, $1,200; roofing sheet, $15 each; cement, $12 per bag; stones, $2 each.