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One of the ways our partners in India work holistically in their communities is by committing to the care of children who have lost their parents. While reuniting families remains the goal, when it is not possible the shelters provide a warm and welcoming home committed to each child’s development. Nutritious meals, clothing,and schooling are provided at the shelters, as well as organized activities in shared spaces both indoors and outdoors. Well-trained staff and medical personnel ensure the children receive rehabilitation, counseling, or tutoring, offering the best opportunities to thrive as they continue to grow.

The quality of care and our team’s deep sense of commitment have been recognized at both local and national levels, leading to a growing number of children being referred to the shelters. These increases have put a strain on the resources and available staff, which means that urgent needs may have to take precedence over longer-term, important ones.

When you support a shelter, you make it possible to care for more children by providing more qualified team members, the construction of more rooms and continued long-term investment in the lives of the children involved.

To find out more about the different ways you can get involved in holistic care for some of the most vulnerable of India’s children, contact us.