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CMF teammates Joel and Rachel Williams, Joe and Kim Cluff, and Eric and Cait Pitts collaborate to catalyze disciple-making movements throughout Kenya and surrounding east African countries.

Disciple-making movement initiatives present the gospel to unreached people groups and equip average believers with the tools to make disciples amongst their friends, family, peers and communities. The team currently has 10 target regions where their efforts include coaching reproducing disciple-makers, multiplying Discovery Bible Studies (DBS), planting new churches and baptizing new believers.

Since 2016, these initiatives have led to the baptism of more than 7,000 new believers, started more than 12,000 DBS, planted 37 new churches, trained more than 16 DMM trainers and held more than 50 DMM trainings.

Your gifts to this project can help sponsor a training or a church plant. Sponsor one disciple-making training for $200. A new church plant in a DMM initiative requires an average investment of $500 for training, transport and ministry materials.