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Jeff and Pilar work in Kandern, Germany advancing God’s kingdom through their missionary work at Black Forest Academy and working with refugees in the area, who have been displaced due to political unrest, human rights violations, war, and religious persecution.

Jeff serves in the IT department at Black Forest Academy, supporting just under 300 students from 240 missionary families, working in over 40 countries to reach millions for Christ. Providing education for missionary children keeps missionaries on the field and allows the gospel to continue to move throughout the nations.

Pilar does outreach ministry at a local refugee center that supports refugees from Syria, Iran, North Macedonia, and most recently Afghanistan and Ukraine.

Jeff and Pilar Prus have served with CMF for more than 20 years and have spent most of that time in Chiang Mai, Thailand, in a variety of ministries. They are the parents of twin sons: Caleb and Dillon (1998).