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Ignacio and Belén serve as a married couple in the ministry of El Oasis Santiago, a community that seeks to show Jesus’ love to college students.

Ignacio first attended El Oasis Santiago in 2013 before even knowing God, and was baptized during a retreat in 2017. During his time as a student, he grew in his faith as he participated in small groups and eventually took on the leadership role of the El Oasis worship band in 2018. Directly after graduating with a degree in music education, he served as an intern at El Oasis Santiago in 2021 and is now a team member, accompanying students as they grow in their faith.

Belén actively served in her local church from a very young age. In 2017, she began to participate in El Oasis Santiago as a student, joining leadership groups from the beginning. After graduating with a degree in psychology in 2019, she completed an internship year at El Oasis Santiago and is currently serving on the team, with a focus on discipling students in their spiritual life.