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Anne is from Costa Rica, and loves Jesus. She has been serving in youth and worship ministries for several years. She is a dentist by profession and has been working as a dentist for the last 8 years. About 4 years ago, she felt unhappy with her work, and started asking God what his plans and dreams were for her. That’s when she started learning more about missions. She participated in an 11-week intensive training program in Europe for young people interested in intercultural ministry, and her eyes were opened to the reality of the church there and how few young adults are engaging with churches or the Christian faith. In fact, Europe is now considered an unreached continent, being less than 2% Christian.

Anne identifies with college students because her college years were a crucial point for her to establish her own faith. She now plans to serve with the Globalscope campus ministry in Erlangen, Germany to walk alongside young university students, building relationships and inviting them to a safe place where they can belong, be mentored, ask questions, and explore their faith.


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