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Christian Missionary Fellowship International has teamed up with Missions of Hope International (MOHI) in Nairobi, Kenya, to create 10 synthetic turf soccer fields over the next ten years. These custom-made, low-maintenance, accessible fields will give over 20,000 children living in extreme poverty a chance to play, learn, and grow in a clean, safe environment.

Each field will be a vessel for a Sports Ministry to teach the gospel as well as build leadership skills, create healthy minds and bodies, and promote self-confidence in children and their families. Team sports and recreation ministries often complement and work in conjunction with other ministry initiatives, such as church planting, creation care, education, and community development. Our goal is to not only deliver important life lessons to Kenyan youth, but also engage families to learn about Christian faith.

In 2022, our first two soccer fields will be completed in Baba Dogo, a central location in the Mathare Valley that will be accessible to four key MOHI centers and schools. It will also serve as a location where sports camp teams from the U.S. can gather to host sports and team-building development programs.

We are excited to share this new international initiative with you. Your gift to this project will help children and families expand their dreams in new ways through sports.

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