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In January 2024 we will have the wonderful opportunity to visit two cities in Brazil with students from the Globalscope ministries of Latin America.

The first phase of our trip will be to partner with a local church in the city of Piancó on a work project. We will help put the final touches on their community center where they seek to minister to around 1000 children and young people by giving them an alternative to a life of drugs, sex-trafficking and other addictions through sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, handball and other activities where they can experience the Gospel of Jesus. We will also be hosting activities and working with the youth in addition to the work project.

The second phase will take place about 250 miles away in the university city of Joao Pessoa, a place where the church in Piancó sees a need and has expressed a desire for starting a Globalscope ministry. This will be a vision trip where we will explore the possibilities of opening a new ministry there through prayer, outreach, and interacting with the Brazilian students we meet through similar activities to what we do each week in our ministries.

For both phases of this year’s trip, we are seeking to raise $20,000 which will help pay for the materials for the work project, sports and evangelism activities with the youth in Piancó, outreach activities with the college students in Joaoa Pessoa, in addition to covering in-country expenses of the group which will make this trip accessible to more of our students.

Join us in this new adventure together with Proyecto La Paz Brasil 2024.