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Ryan and Justine serve with a team at Namikango Mission in southern Malawi. They work to foster a mindset of whole-life discipleship in the local churches. They have developed a multi-focus approach to training and empowerment consisting of a Discipleship Training Institute (DTI), conservation agriculture, Village, Savings and Loans (VSL), Women’s Development Program and Community Health Evangelism (CHE), as well as a Maternity Clinic. Ryan serves as the Development Director, overseeing the VSL, CHE, agriculture and women’s development programs that holistically empower communities to address the needs of their families.

Ryan and Justine met while serving in Nairobi, Kenya, and were married in 2012. They were asked to join the work in Malawi due to the pressing need for economic empowerment to go alongside biblical teaching in rural areas. They transitioned there in 2014 and have a heart to see the communities that Namikango works with provide for their families and care for the needy, crossing barriers to physically show the love of Jesus.   

They are the parents of three children: Amelie (2014), Lily (2016) and Rylee (2018).