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The global pandemic has created multiple problems within the country of India. The enormous numbers of the poor, homeless and marginalized cannot protect themselves from the virus and the resulting problems

Now, the country is in the midst of a terrible new surge of Covid-19 cases. Hospitals are full, oxygen is scarce, crematoriums are operating 24 hours per day and lockdowns are strict. Just as in the last wave of Covid-19, the regional government has called on our partners who are well established in the area to help distribute relief.

CMF is committed to assisting our partners in India in this devastating time. Will you help? Your gifts will go directly toward relief packages — double masks, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc. — and likely food relief.

The people of India are desperately crying for help. CMF offers a direct link to providing much-needed relief for the children and families we serve. We invite you to join us in these life-saving efforts.

Please help the people of India in their battle against Covid-19 with a gift here today.