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In the Community Learning Center model (CLC), leaders work alongside the local community to discern what pressing community needs they can meet together. Each CLC looks different, but all have the goal of empowering members to play a significant role in the transformation of the whole community.

Thousands of CLCs have been established, with many stories of transformation as communities see their hopes realized. Below are only a few examples of how needs have been met: • Address health and sanitation issues by providing access to clean drinking water and education for safe and sanitary hygiene practices. • Improve income-generating activities through micro-loan programs, training and knowledge-sharing for specific trades. • Work with government agencies to improve infrastructure and make existing benefits more accessible. • Other adaptations to community needs have included starting a wrestling club and programs for managing identified issues such as addiction or debt.

This simple but powerful method of transforming lives is a self-sustaining movement, with those impacted by CLC programs starting CLCs in new locations.

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