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Lynn and Dori partner with Community Christian Church (CCC) in Kenya. CCC is the result of CMF’s pioneering church-planting and partnering work in Kenya since 1977. Currently, there are more than 300 CCC churches throughout Kenya. The congregations began in the Maasai and Turkana regions, but CCC has evangelized and continues to plant new churches and spread the gospel to other areas of Kenya.

Lynn will work with CCC leadership in finance training to increase accountability, transparency and integrity. This training will empower the CCC to develop partnerships on their own beyond CMF. Lynn continues to train leaders to read church building quotations and manage projects. He also serves as team asset manager for CMF mission property.

Dori co-leads the team of CMF missionaries partnering with CCC as well as leading Discovery Bible Studies and establishing Disciple Making Movements in new areas of Kenya. She encourages the CCC Women’s Ministry, which is now fully autonomous. She is also the liaison between CCC leaders and CMF donors for a sponsorship program for vulnerable and orphan high school students to help develop the next generation of CCC leaders.

The Caziers will be a bridge between various stakeholders in building an additional Community Health Partners (CHP) facility in Kajiado County.

Lynn and Dori Cazier provide an overview of their ongoing ministry among the Maasai of Kenya.


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