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The Kenya Church Catalyst Team (KCAT) represents many years of international ministry and, as a result, they have developed friendships and networks with missionaries from many different countries. Some of the missionaries the team works with are from war-torn countries and difficult circumstances that have resulted in them losing essential ministry funds.

Two such families are Kirill and Galya, and Vova and Viktoria.

Kirill and Galya, and their three children, are missionaries from Russia. Kirill, a doctor, has been doing mission trips to Kenya since 2013. As a result of the war in Ukraine, the family began to lose support. When the world banks and governments put sanctions on Russia, the family was left with no access to the funds they had raised. Returning to Russia is not an option, currently. The family has three-year visas to remain in Kenya but they are struggling to survive, lacking funding to adequately take care of their family, let alone continue the ministry they came to Kenya to carry out.

Vova and Viktoria, along with their three children, are Ukrainian missionaries. They have been in Kenya since 2015, with their first trips starting in 2013. Over the last six years, they have served alongside the KCAT team in Turkana. They run a Bible training school, disciple junior high and high school students, build churches, and facilitate a number of relief efforts among the most needy communities in Turkana. Their ministry depends on the support they receive from individuals and churches in Ukraine. Since the war in Ukraine began, Vova and Viktoria have lost 60% of their support.

The KCAT team is coming alongside these struggling missionary partners to provide the needed funds for them to continue the life and ministry they’ve been called to. Your gifts will go to support the important work of these fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.