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The Woods oversee the national church planters who are trained in the CMF Mission Center in Arusha and serve as the team leaders. Gary teaches at the center, then goes out among the villages to encourage and mentor the new church planters and the churches that are established. Since 2004, 100 families – from 26 tribes – have been trained in church planting and gone out to plant 85 churches. Gary also researches unreached tribes and ways to take the Gospel into their areas.

Gary and Judy and their children arrived in Kenya as missionaries in 1987 to work with the Maasai people in church planting, evangelism and discipleship. In 2004 they moved to Tanzania to empower church planters among unreached people groups.

Gary and Judy are the parents of two adult daughters, Kendra and Harmony, and a son, Jack, who is a college student in Texas.