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Reliable vehicles are the number one tool that the CMF Ethiopia team needs for its extensive ministry. Recently, the team began expanding its work into areas of the country that are more than 12 hours from its home base in Addis Ababa, with amazing results.

The team’s cars have been used in difficult travel situations for 15-20 years. Some are 35 years old! They have been well-maintained, but they have become unreliable, and have often stranded team members in remote places and limited the teams’ access to ministry locations.

Not only are the vehicles essential ministry tools, but they are also the lifeline for the missionaries, who live in an unstable political situation where they may need to move quickly.

The team’s goal is to purchase at least three reliable Toyota Land Cruisers that are capable of down country travel over the next three years. They hope to find vehicles that are less than 20 years old for around $30,000 each.

A vehicle has played a part in every church planted and every person baptized in Ethiopia. Your gifts to this vital project will help the Ethiopia team’s ministry move forward and protect the lives of the missionaries.