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Aaliyah* had many questions about her Islamic faith but was told to just follow the traditions and stop being rebellious. She continued to search for the answers that she craved. Over a nine-year period of time, as she was encouraged and accepted just as she was by Christians, she inched closer to receiving Jesus. On the day as she decided to abandon her search and continue her Islamic faith, Jesus appeared to her in her dream, and said, “I am the way, the truth and the life.” She received Jesus and was baptized the next day.

Knowing about the persecution that comes as you receive Jesus, God called Aaliyah to start “Beth Amani,” a house for persecuted women who also have followed Jesus. In the safe house, Aaliyah now disciples the women and helps them prepare for the next steps of their lives living under threats and persecution. Through the love of Jesus Christ, Beth Amani seeks to help these women. Ministries include Bible teaching, discipleship, practical things such as health care, clothing, toiletries, food, a place to live and imparting practical skills for economic empowerment to promote self-sustaining lives. These young ladies have become bold and take great risks in order to lead others to know Jesus.

Your gifts to this project will help support the safe house and its programs for Christian women.

*Name changed to protect her identity.