BigDent Microfinance Loans

BigDent’s goal is to facilitate transformation through microfinance programs, and works in partnership with Missions of Hope International. This approach enables the poor to develop and maintain their own productive economic activities while they receive training, mentoring and support.

The BigDent microfinance program in Kenya includes loans to entrepreneurs, plus training, preparation and mandatory participation in accountability groups. Because of the training and groups, BigDent has experienced a loan repayment rate of 98%.

Your gifts to this project will be pooled into MOHI’s microfinance loan fund and dispersed by MOHI loan officers to entrepreneurs in the communities where the organization works.

The gift will still show up in your account records, but the missionary won't know who gave it.

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CMF incurs higher processing fees for credit/debit card transactions. By giving through EFT from your checking or savings account, a greater portion of your contribution goes directly to the ministry.