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Shelly serves with the CMF urban poor team in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, focusing on those who live with HIV/AIDS, complications from leprosy, cancer, and others bound by poverty.

Shelly’s special project has been a boys’ soccer team. As their sponsor, she has provided equipment, encouragement, education, spiritual teaching, and care for them. Her first team has now grown into men who are becoming godly influences in their families. She has a new soccer team of 24 boys – many of whom are Muslim or live on the streets, or both – that she sponsors, teaches and guides.

Shelly also teaches aplogetics, biblical ethics, Christian leadership, and CHE at a local theological college.

Shelly joined the CMF team in August 2004. She is a graduate of St. Louis Christian College and earned additional degrees from Kentucky Christian University: a bachelor’s in intercultural studies in 2002 and a master’s in Christian leadership in 2004.