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CMF often develops special projects to meet specific needs that team members see on their fields of service. These can include purchasing Bibles for students, funding a hospice center, providing training for national church leaders or building wells and irrigation systems.

Thank you for your support of God’s work around the world through a CMF project!

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MOHI Discovery Discipleship Camp
Provide land for a camp for MOHI students.
MOHI Medical Fund
Provide resources for special medical needs.
MOHI Outreach Hope Church Pastoral Training
Help train Kenyan pastors to serve in local churches.
MOHI Pastors Assistance Fund
Help pastors in the MOHI churches with emergency needs.
MOHI Special Projects Fund
Provide funds for unique, one-time needs.
MOHI Sports Ministry
Help build a sports field at Missions of Hope in Nairobi.
MOHI Technology Labs
Purchase computers and tech equipment for MOHI facilities.
MOHI University Assistance for Grads
Help a MOHI grad fund advanced education.
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