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CMF often develops special projects to meet specific needs that team members see on their fields of service. These can include purchasing Bibles for students, funding a hospice center, providing training for national church leaders or building wells and irrigation systems.

Thank you for your support of God’s work around the world through a CMF project!

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Globalscope interns, Montevideo, Uruguay
Support nationals serving as interns with La Ruta campus ministry.
Globalscope: Empowering International Teammates
Support the national campus ministers on Globalscope's teams.
Hope and help for India’s urban poor
Assist the poor with basic necessities and education.
Hope Home, Chiang Mai, Thailand
Provide care for Thai children with special needs.
Impact Forever: Parent and Teacher Training
Curriculum and training to lead children to Jesus Christ.
India flood disaster relief
Help the victims of severe flooding in Uttar Pradesh, India
Indonesia Church Planters Training Center
CCTSI provides university-level training for church planters.
Ivory Coast Clinic
Provide funds for holistic care of AIDS patients.
Ivory Coast Maternity Clinic
Provide care for pregnant women and their children.
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