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CMF often develops special projects to meet specific needs that team members see on their fields of service. These can include purchasing Bibles for students, funding a hospice center, providing training for national church leaders or building wells and irrigation systems.

Thank you for your support of God’s work around the world through a CMF project!

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Asia Community Development
Eyeglasses, books, scholarships, and more for urban poor families.
Asia Local Ministry Partners
Support Asian Christians who assist in ministry.
Bibles for Kenyans
Help provide Bibles for Kenyans in their own languages.
Build a Church in Ethiopia
Put a roof on a church building in unreached areas of Ethiopia.
Build a Church in Kenya
Construct a new church building with Community Christian Church.
Build a House for a Mexican Family
El Pozo campus ministry builds home for poor families in Mexico.
Campus House Remodel, Valencia, Spain
New campus house needs renovations for student events.
Campus House, Montevideo, Uruguay
Help purchase a house for the growing La Ruta ministry.
CCMA Mission Fund
Train and equip disciple-makers in Kenya.
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